Personalized Medical Supplies

At M.D. Medical Supplies, Inc., we provide personalized services and care, where you never have to worry about automated calls or answering services.

Wide Selection of Incontinence Supplies

We understand the importance of being discrete when discussing and ordering incontinence supplies. To provide you the best service, we are proud to offer a variety of supplies meeting your personalized care needs.

Products offered include briefs/diapers, pull-ups/underwear, liners, doublers/boosterpads, disposable/washable underpads, and many other items to fit your medical needs.

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Skin Care and Personal Care Products

Find perineal cleansers and protective creams that help maintain skin health and prevent irritation. We also have gloves and room deodorizers that promote a clean and pleasant environment.

Experience Stress-Free, Easy Ordering

Whether you are a caregiver or an adult family home, always get the products you need to ensure the well-being of those in your care. We make supply ordering seamless and stress-free for customers all over Washington state.

It is our pleasure to do the work for you.



Also referred to as Diapers—has velcro, adhesive tabs on sides to allow easy removal on and off.



Also referred to as “Pull Ups” or “Pull Ons” - designed to be pulled on and off like traditional underwear



Disposable liners (also called bladder pads) are made for light to heavy absorbency and come in a variety of sizes. Liners are a subtle choice fitting inside all types of underwear and secured by an adhesive strip.



Available as disposable and washable, underpads are designed to lay across furniture preserving their condition.


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Perineal Cleansers, Barrier Creams, Skin Moisturizers, & More.

Skin Care

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Gloves, bibs, air fresheners, and more

Personal Care